Take Command of Your Marketing Cloud

Best-in-Class Tag Management


Manage the lifecycle of vendor tags
with reduced dependency on IT.

TagCommander Manage boosts marketing agility and performance across web and mobile, makes it easy to comply with data privacy legislation, enables fine-grained activation of online solutions, and handles real-time conversion deduplication.

  • Best-in-class performance. Enterprise level support and service.
  • Role-based permissions, intuitive workflows and full audit trail.
  • Works with the solutions you choose – Over 800 turnkey templates available.

Tag Management for Mobile Made Easy

Seize your customers’ mobile moments.

TagCommander Manage provides a lightweight SDK for iOS and Android so you can optimize mobile touchpoints and manage mobile customer data just as easily.

  • Accelerate the app lifecycle. Test, trial and reconfigure solutions while avoiding recertification.
  • Enable real-time tag triggers to optimize audience engagement
  • Streamline mobile experience via unique tagless tracking technology.

Real-time Conversion Deduplication


Automatically deduplicate CPA
commission payments.

TagCommander Manage provides advanced support for conversion deduplication that lets marketers optimise campaigns and reward the right acquisition partner.

  • Control your acquisition costs by avoiding paying the same conversion twice.
  • Avoid labor-intensive post hoc deduplication.
  • Enable rules-based deduplication processes.
  • Make smarter decisions based on conversion metrics that are deduplicated continuously.

Privacy and Data Governance

Simplify legal compliance.
Retain full oversight of your data.

TagCommander Manage provides an intuitive online environment to comply with privacy legislation, report on data shared with third parties while safeguarding against data leakage.

  • Comply with evolving privacy legislation and enable country-specific rules.
  • Optimize user experience and opt-in rates through A/B testing.
  • Reconstitute audience measurement data following opt-in.
  • Track data shared with third parties and detect data leakage.

Tag Agility

Code-free tag lifecycle management

Simplify deployment and configuration of tags via a wizard-driven interface. Zero technical knowledge required.

Robust Tag Auditing

Ensure complete and accurate data collection. Automatically audit your tag deployments across all your digital properties.

Vendor performance monitoring

Monitor load times over time. Set custom alerts in case of performance issues.

Tagless integrations

Benefit from many direct server-side integrations for reduced page latency, more reliable data collection, and accelerated data deployment.